Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Money! Money! Money! The Swedish bankers in Britain

When you think of the Swedish - most people probably first think about Abba, but once they've got those irritatingly happy and persistent tunes out of their head, the picture of the Swedish is of a quiet, unassuming, sensible race with a blood thirsty history as the Vikings of invading Britain, raping and pillaging. Well the Vikings have invaded again, though this time their approach has been with a much lower profile. Since 1982 Handelsbank, one of Sweden's leading banks with 700 branches in 22 countries, has been quietly opening branches all over the UK. It may surprise you, as it did me, that there are now over 80 branches across the country. Not only that but in 2009, Handelsbanken was voted the top bank for customer satisfaction and loyalty in the UK. Why have Handelsbanken been so successful in keeping their customers happy? The answer is simple - they have turned back the clock and made their bank managers the bank i.e. their bank managers are empowered to make decisions there and then and don't have to refer decisions back to a Head Office, thus they can truly provide a great service to their customers.

Handelsbanken continue to open branches across the UK achieving their goals of both being more profitable than their competitors  as well as having happier customers and lower costs.

In days of old the Vikings would sneak up and attack at night surprising their enemy; the traditional UK banks you have been warned!

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