Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tesco Bank chief Benny Higgins accuses UK's biggest lenders

At yesterday's Treasury Select Committee hearing on competition when Tesco Bank CEO, Benny Higgins, criticised the banks for sharing credit data between themselves (through the credit agencies - isn't that just a prudent way of ensuring lending is made to the right people ),  he failed to mention all the data that Tesco has as a result of the Club Card, which needless to say they won't be sharing with the banks. The data that Tesco has is far more detailed than anything the credit agencies hold and something that is absolutely the envy of the banks.

He also failed to mention that he was for many years one of those bankers, firstly  for a long time under Sir Fred Goodwin at RBS  for many years and secondly for a short period under Andy Hornby for HBOS.

Is this a case of poacher turned gamekeeper or more poacher turned poacher?

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