Tuesday, 21 December 2010

UK in closing down sale!

It's official the UK is up for sale, but better hurry up everything must go!

As passengers sit out another day at our Spanish owned airports (what do they know about snow?), reading their Australian-owned newspapers or watching Australian-owned Sky TV, they will be pleased to know that the salt that is needed to clear the runways and get the motorways open has just been sold to the Indians. Lloyds Banking Group's private equity arm has announced that is has sold British Salt, producer of 50% of the UK's salt, to the Indian firm Tata. The more bad winters we have the more profits will flow overseas, and who said that there wasn't an upside to global warming - just not for the UK.

For those looking for another bargain there's not a lot left, Britain is prepared to sell anything, even if it is nailed down. Already gone: Airports (Spanish and Australian), newspapers (Russian and Australian), channel high speed rail link (German), gas and electricity (French and Russian), cars (Indian), football clubs (Russian, American and many more), banks (Spanish).

Rumours are that the Russians have put a bid in for the Royal Family, as unfortunately they shot their lot a while back!

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