Monday, 31 January 2011

UPDATED: NAB loses systems for third time

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell (once again)  - to lose your systems once maybe regarded as a misfortune, to lose them twice looks like carelessness. What the poor woman would have said for losing the systems for the third time is unprintable.

On the first ocassion the systems were down for over a week (see ).

The second time was much shorter for less than hour (see ).

This time access to internet banking was down for most of Monday 31st January, with the notice to use phonebanking leading to disappointment as that too was down for the morning.

In this day and age, with the increasing dependency by businesses and consumers on online, real time banking, unreliable systems are not only unacceptable, but could lead to significant customer defections. Whilst glitches with systems will occur, having adequate redundancy built in, well-thought through contingency plans and sufficient capacity to meet the surge of demand when systems return online are not optional features for any commercial business let alone a bank.

National Australia has announced some time ago that it is outsourcing its IT to IBM, let's hope for all its customers that this results in an improvement in systems reliability.

In a further update it has been reported that this was not the only problem that National Australia Bank has had in the last few days  - at the weekend and yesterday they suffered 'technical problems' when thousands of customers received old SMS messages and emails about their accounts.

Apparently  8000 to 10,000 UBank customers, a NAB brand, were resent old text messages and emails about their accounts.

One customer received 21 text messages telling him thousands of dollars were being moved from his account when, in fact, none had. Mr Wright said text and email messages were duplicates of messages they had previously received.

When will National Australia Bank's woes end?

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