Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Joy Griffiths leaves Lloyds Banking Group

It has been officially announced that Joy Griffiths, Managing Director of the Lloyds TSB and Bank of Scotland Community Banks, i.e. head of the retail bank for the two brands, is leaving Lloyds Banking Group to become Managing Director of  Experian Decision Analytics.

This is a real loss to both Lloyds Banking Group and to Retail Banking. Joy has a fantastic pedigree in Retail Banking from her time at Westpac in New Zealand and Australia through Wells Fargo to running Cheltenham & Gloucester and finally running both the Lloyds TSB and Bank of Scotland franchises. Joy is one of the few banking executives who has seen success across Asia, America and the UK and therefore has tremendous insight into what world class retail banking looks like. She is also that rare retail banking executive that has a deep technology background and knows how to leverage technology effectively. The retail banking industry will be poorer for her not being in it.

Lloyds Banking Group will be worse off for not having her as part of the executive team.

Undoubtedly Joy will not be the last executive to leave the Group given the change of CEO and the uncertainty hanging over Lloyds pending the outcome of the Independent Commission on Banking.

I wish Joy every success in her new and exciting challenge at Experian.


  1. Hi,
    She's not becoming CEO of Experian. She's Managing Director of Experian Decision Analytics.. a small division of Experian.

  2. Thanks for the correction - which has been duly applied.


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